10 Simple Things You Can Do To Help the World Climate

Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said: be the change you wish to see! Yes, we can wait for the cantankerous, shortsighted governments to fix the world climate for us. Or, we can change bottom-up, starting with ourselves.

I must admit, I am myself nearly as good at this as I wish to be. So I will take my cue as well.

What you can do to help the World Climate

1 – Carpooling

Carpooling is a good idea. Also, it helps to drive smoothly. You’re your tires properly inflated. Even better: take public transport, whenever you can. And take a train instead of a plane. And if you have to take a plane, fly economy. These are simple measures. If you want to go further, get a more fuel-efficient car, get more fuel-efficient tires.

2 – Bags and cups

Don’t accept disposable bags or coffee cups or packaging when you go shopping. Take your own bags or cups.

3  – Lights

Turn off lights when not needed and turn on the AC only when you are in the room.

4 – Lunchbox

Bring your own lunchbox in your own re-usable wares. The less you waste, the less is produced, and the lower the emissions from making things.

5 – Online Shopping

When you shop online, make sure you order in bulks to reduce the packaging.

6 – Vegetarianism

Eat less meat, more vegetarian food. Carbon emissions from meat production are very high (and so is water usage).

7 – Internet

Use online as much as you can: videoconferences instead of in-person meetings involving travel, emails instead of real mails.

8 – Insulation

Improve the insulation of your home: windows, doors, roofs, and walls. This will greatly reduce your cooling or heating loads, save you money and reduce your emissions.

9 – Heating

Don’t cool or heat your home or office to 18 degrees. It is not necessary. In fact, we feel quite comfortable in a broad range of temperatures.

10 – Solar Panels

Add solar panels to your rooftop! Go solar. Find our Solar Installers listing HERE.


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Tobias Engelmeier
Tobias Engelmeier
Tobias Engelmeier is an entrepreneur and very passionate about the climate, sustainability, solar energy and India. He is a German Indophile. You can find out more about Tobias on www.bridgetoindia.com and on LinkedIn. He is also active on Twitter (@TEngelmeier).
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