Amazon India Solar Power Store Open for Sellers

As you may know, Amazon India now has a Solar Power Store that is also an excellent platform to sell your products and to expand your business to the whole country. In this post, we show you how to be a seller yourself in the Amazon India Solar Power Store.

If you have a business related to renewable energies and solar power, you can register yourself as a seller and use the Solar Power Store to reach Indian customers interested in buying this kind of products. And there are no limits: in Amazon India, you can list as many products as you want!

Amazon India Solar Power Store provides an important space to sell solar products, making it easier to find products and for a seller to promote new inventions, that can be of use to someone. In order to help you, Amazon also gives you a number of seller coaching tips, guides and services that help you list your products. Let’s see a quick introduction to become a seller.

How to Sell in Amazon India Solar Power Store

amazon-india1 – Register

First of all, you have to register at Amazon India here:

And then apply to become a seller here at

2 – List Your Products

In the next step, you can start listing the products you want to sell. Amazon’s software is very simple and easy to use and in a few minutes you should be able to list all your products.

3 – Customers Start to See Your Products

Once you list your products on Amazon, customers across the country can see your products and, if interested, buy them.

4 – You Deliver Products to Customers

As soon as a customer places an order, Amazon notifies you by e-mail. After that, you can pack and deliver your item to the customer.

5 – You Receive Payment from Amazon

Payment for the order is deposited into your bank account after the deduction of Amazon’s fee.

Did you like these tips? Then spread the word and share this article with your friends. Amazon India Solar Power Store is open to all solar professionals and can be a huge tool to impact your market.

Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan is a staunch solar promoter, serial entrepreneur & management consultant. He has a decade of experience in solar PV, disruptive technologies and political consultancy in USA and India. He believes that development of solar and other renewable technologies is critical to India's energy security. Gayrajan holds a Masters and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from USA. Follow him on Twitter to gain daily industry insights.
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