Charge Your Gadgets On the Move With a Solar Backpack

This is the gadget review on the unPlug Solar Backpack manufactured by Lumos India. The bag is a medium-sized one that college students usually use. It comes with an integrated solar panel on its front flap and a battery that it charges which can be used to charge your gadgets on the go.

The bag-cum-gadget came with a fully charged battery. I just took out the bag, saw the charging port and checked if it was working. And then it charged my Nokia Lumia phone from near dead state to near full charge before the bag battery ran out of charge. The look of the bag is very catchy! What’s even catchier is the packing! (take a look at the banner above).

The contents when taken out of the packing reveal a smart looking bag, a rain cover to protect the solar panel and an assortment of attachments to be used for charging your gadgets on the go.


Rain cover for solar panel


Attachments to connect the battery to your gadgets

These set of attachments can enable the battery to charge your smartphones, tablets, old nokia phones with the thin pin etc. one at a time. For your apple gadgets (iphone, ipad etc), you need have the chord to charge them using the battery.

The battery attached to the bag can not only be charged with the sun, however, can also be charged using your laptop. The time required for charging the battery in the sun was something I was not able to determine. The battery was half charged in about an hour after which it took two hours to be charged somewhere between 50% to 100% however, did not get fully charged. This perhaps means that there is a certain amount of leakage that’s always there.

unPlug Solar Backpack tarket segment

Since the unPlug Solar Backpack is meant to be carried around and get charged on the go, this can be of utility to only those who would actually be travelling in the sun. This would essentially include college going students and sales executives.

One flaw in the design of the bag is that the battery is placed on the flip side of the solar panel. Not so strategically placed. I wouldn’t  say the battery needs to be placed outside, however, the light indicator that indicates charging should be on the same side of the panel.

Opening the flap of the bag every time to check whether the battery is charging is too much of an effort. Anyway, on making that effort, I was able to catch a second or two of the red light/green light indication that the battery had started charging/ was half charged. I have proof that it works:


Indication that the battery is charging                  Indication when it’s half-charged

Is it useful for anything else but charging? Well, yes! Initially it looks like a bag only with space enough for carrying your laptop. But, don’t miss the zip opening which expands the bag into a trek bag! Also, looking into the bag you will notice a number of compartments and zips to keep all your things segregated. Further, on the side, there are two pockets to hold your water bottles.


I think it’s an amazing bag to carry for treks where you often wouldn’t find charging slots easily, on the move or on your camping site. And supporting the bigger cause of ‘going green’. That may not be exactly the driving factor for you, but, if it comes as a by-product, then why not?

Comfort-wise the bag is well-cushioned and keeps your back from being poked by the contents that might be in the bag.

unPlug Solar Backpack price

Price-wise, it’s a bit steep, however, priced competitively when compared to Nike or Reebok.  Even then, parents might be a difficult obstacle to deal with as they wouldn’t exactly see the benefit to buying such an expensive bag. Of course, if you are different from the general crowd which is still largely driven by parents’ decisions till the time they get married, I think this technology is meant for you.

The unPlug Solar Backpack has been priced at a whopping ₹ 4,999 only. The technology is more for D.U students who spend most of their time outside in the sun and have money to spare as they are saving up so much on their tuition fee. For those who mostly study in A.C rooms actually studying about solar (engineering students), you might not be able use the application of it much. Or at least it might not be worth it for you.

The amazing thing about the product is that someone in India is actually manufacturing it. Till now, you would have heard of technology being copied by Indians, however, we have an Indian here, an IIT-ian of course who came up with a completely unique looking bag with an integrated solar panel!

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