Government Encourages Technical Solar Training in India

India will require nearly 100,000 professionals within the next five years in solar market alone. Thus the government is considering development of human resource as a major thrust area, encouraging solar training in India.

The government is planning to increase the talent pool in functional areas like manufacturing, production, installation, operation & maintenance, marketing and research & development. The existing and upcoming institutes need to focus on various technical, managerial and financial aspects related to solar energy in the graduation and post graduate level curriculum.

The government would offer financial assistance to design and develop specialized courses in solar energy to the premier engineering colleges in the country and the IITs. These solar courses will be at Diploma, B. Tech, M. Tech and Ph. D level. Some of the IITs, engineering colleges and universities are already providing training programs in solar energy at graduation and post-graduation level.

In order to meet the requirement of skilled manpower for field installations and after sales service network, countrywide training program and specialized courses for technicians will also be designed.

Solar training in India is crucial

The Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET), an autonomous institute of MNRE would focus on the emerging areas namely solar thermal and solar PV project design, reliability testing of solar PV projects, hybridization and technical aspects of emerging areas such as solar rooftops, solar micro-grid, regulations for advancing and accelerating renewables deployment, and integration of cross-sectoral learnings from traditional power generation and financing sectors for advancing and accelerating renewables deployment.

However, specific themes will be identified and prioritized through a need assessment. You can know more here.

As a next step, fellowship programs to train engineers, technologies and scientists in Solar Energy in world class institutions abroad will be taken up by the government.

Fellowships will be at two levels: (1) research and (2) higher degree (M. Tech) in solar energy. MNRE is already implementing a fellowship program in this regard, which will be expanded to include students from a larger number of academic institutions.

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