InterSolar: the World’s Leading Exhibition for Solar Industry

Solar energy seems to be the best bet when it comes to energy matters. Growth of photovoltaics has been overwhelming in the last two decades: the number of investors has risen and technology costs have reduced significantly. In 2013, solar plants produced 139 gigawatts of power, sufficient enough to meet 1% of world’s electricity needs.

By 2050, solar energy shall be a major source of power for every country, along with other kinds of green energy, such as wind power. To fulfill about 30% of the global energy demand, solar power plants will need to produce at least 4,600 GW. And undoubtedly, India will be a big piece in this global puzzle.

Looking to the future, investors and governments are discussing the best alternatives and searching for sustainable options. In this article, we present to you InterSolar, the world’s leading exhibition for solar industry that gathers, in the same space, the best specialist, manufacturers and installers of solar around the world.

The main goal of the solar expo is to share knowledge and present new concepts or technologies related to solar energy. By supporting a sustainable development and energy efficiency, InterSolar aims to be a tool that is able to reunite people interested in solar market. “Connecting Solar Business” is the slogan of the solar exhibition that has spread across 4 continents.

Adjusting to the reality of each country, InterSolar organizes 5 exhibitions: InterSolar Europe; InterSolar North America; InterSolar South America; InterSolar China; and InterSolar India. The goal is to customize itself to the needs of each corner of the globe and to foster a solar culture across the planet. After all, climate change, global warming and energy depletion are problems that concern us all.

What is the story behind InterSolar?

The roots of InterSolar were seeded in 1991. The exhibition was then called Solar ’91 and was organized by members of the Working Group for Environmental Technology, in Pforzheim, South Germany. The first exhibition had the duration of one day, and saw participation of 5 companies that presented their own solar products.

The project has grown since then. In 1999, “Solar” gathered 142 exhibitors and more than 8,400 visitors. With so many number of visitors Pforzheim’s exhibition center was not able to accommodate the exhibition. “Solar” then moved to Freiburg. It soon crossed the borders of Germany due to many international participants. The organization, thus, decided to rename the exhibition to InterSolar.

After conquering Europe, InterSolar decided to expand to other continents. 2008 was the year of the first InterSolar North America, in San Francisco. One year later, the project arrived in Mumbai, India. More recently, in 2011 and 2013, InterSolar expanded its activities into China and South America, respectively.

InterSolar India and the future role of the country


As we have said in our earlier articles, India is a central piece of the global solar puzzle. The investment in this clean source might well be the solution to many energy problems faced by the country. If the necessity of the supporting solar power is realized, the advantages are enormous: in the near future, India can become one of the largest energy producers worldwide.

Thus, there is no doubt that it is important to cultivate a solar culture, investing in ecological and sustainable solutions that can simultaneously be used by residential/home consumers, by commercial entities/businesses, or by even the farmers on their lands. In fact, the installation of photovoltaic panels is a secure high yield bet for those who want to save money and reduce their energy bills.

InterSolar India’s objective is to gather the best solutions and boost the contact between solar agents from different markets. And the numbers prove its success: in 2013, there were 170 international exhibitors and around 8000 visitors. Looking for the next step in solar sustainability, the exhibition has featured over 100 speakers who have explored the latest questions in related fields, such as technology, politics and environment.

The reactions to the exhibition are extremely positive and confirm IndiaSolar as a respected event for the sharing of solar knowledge and an excellent means to interact with the movers and shakers of the solar market and discover what’s next for the solar industry.

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Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan is a staunch solar promoter, serial entrepreneur & management consultant. He has a decade of experience in solar PV, disruptive technologies and political consultancy in USA and India. He believes that development of solar and other renewable technologies is critical to India's energy security. Gayrajan holds a Masters and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from USA. Follow him on Twitter to gain daily industry insights.
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