IRENA Global Atlas Maps the Evolution of Renewable Energy

The expanding globalized economy has brought several environmental problems with it. In order to solve such environmental concerns, we need to evolve by developing an ecological conscience and investing in global environmental response.

Bringing together the academics working on renewable energy, environment and climate change, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) created the Global Atlas.

This online application is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that combines data from several energy centers worldwide, helping us understand what are the numbers related to greenhouse effect on Earth. The system also aims to follow the renewable revolution step by step, and give anyone the necessary information they need before they create any sustainable energy project.

IRENA’s goal is to help everybody involved with Renewable Energy

The Global Atlas works as a huge catalogue: by 2014, the GIS had already more than 1 thousand datasets. The information is online and is totally free: click HERE to explore this fantastic online interface.

By selecting the different options on the sidebar you can see regions of the world with the biggest investment in specific areas, such as solar and wind energy.

The IRENA online tool is extremely useful for governments that aim to invest in global warming, climate change, renewable energy and solar industry. The Global Atlas can also be used by researchers and by private companies that want to analyze what is the future of the renewable energy market.

Along with information about the different kinds of energy, the tool also gives out additional data about the selected areas. Using the Global Atlas, you can see specific information, such as protected areas, the population density and energy grids, among other things.

The tool gives information that allows one to evaluate the feasibility of their business or renewable energy project.

Solar and wind energy have got the most attention on this tool so far, but the increasing partnerships of the project will extend the database to bioenergy, geothermal, marine energies and hydropower sources.

The project has been possible because of the collaboration of several national institutes, energy agencies, private companies, climate change organizations and renewable energy organizations that work as the information providers. Right now the project gathers data from a total of 67 countries.

Watch the video below and learn more about this global initiative.

Global Atlas in an IRENA’s project

IRENA is the organization responsible for creation of Global Atlas. The international agency is a distinguished name in the renewable energy community. The organization functions globally and provides services in the field of clean and renewable energy.

Its main goal is to bring together the different players in the renewable market – from scientists to businessmen, as well as non-profit institutes and organizations. IRENA believes in the values of collaboration and direct partnerships in order to share and spread knowledge about renewable energy.

Cooperation is the agency keyword. The group works on many levels and its ultimate goal is to contribute towards a sustainable future. Visit IRENA’s site and discover the upcoming events and the agency’s projects for the upcoming year.

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