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The danger is out there. With globalization and all that comes with it there is no doubt to anyone that the global economy and our way of life are at a war path with nature. It’s a natural phenomenon: the energy needs of the entire World are based on the exploitation of fossil fuels, which in turn threaten massive environmental and social disruption through global warming.

Our current rate of energy consumption is one of the leading causes of huge industrial dislocation and economic collapse. If mankind remains on this path we will run out all the energy on Earth within decades! But, there is an alternative: renewable energy from renewable sources. Not surprisingly, the solar energy is above all.

If you are looking for books on clean energy, renewable resources and solar energy, then read “The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future” by Hermann Scheer.

The book includes a lot of solar energy facts and a full list of renewable resources. But that is just the beginning: there is a lot more to learn about solar economy in this fantastic book. It’s just perfect for anyone who asks the question: “What is clean energy?

hermann-scheerThe Solar Economy by Hermann Scheer

Considered as one of the most important books on renewable resources, “The Solar Economy” by Hermann Scheer was first launched in 2004. However, while solar energy has come a long way since then, everything that the famous German author writes is still applicable today.

For some people it’s “the most important book of the 21st Century”. While I cannot personally attest to that, it is a brilliant book that forces us to consider if Renewable Energy is the solution for a sustainable global future.

The message in the book is very clear: exchanging fossil for renewable resources to power the new industrial revolution and establishing a new international order is achievable. “The Solar Economy” shows, with ease, how the political, economic and technological challenges can be overcome by using renewable and universally available resources like solar energy.

Along with the facts described an exhaustive list of great opportunities and benefits is made available in the book. The fact that it has not been written like a pop-science book may have helped made it a success. However, what really make it relevant and indispensable for anyone who wants to learn about solar energy and related economy are the arguments made by Hermann Scheer.

Besides a very broad view of different energy sources and their implications at every level, the author underlines the importance of the supply chain on the efficiency of an energy source and the related costs to everyone. Hermann Scheer also gives his insights into the oil industry in this inspiring book which is worth the price.

Who is Hermann Scheer?

Hermann Scheer was an author, a policy innovator and a global leader in the field of renewable energy who has devoted his life to building an environmental consciousness in the World.

Member of the German Parliament (since 1980), President of EUROSOLAR – The European Association for Renewable Energy, and General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), Hermann Scheer claimed that his “basic motivation has been, and still is, the compassion for social justice caused by a feeling that this is right. In addition, I fancied for myself not to become a mere private individual but to participate in developing and designing society”.

The author of “The Solar Economy” was also winner of http://bit.ly/1xVosD5  – TIME Magazine’s ‘Heroes of the Green Century’ for his national and international commitment towards Renewable Energy and had been awarded several prizes in recognition of his work and achievements, receiving the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1999, the World Solar Prize in 1998 and the World Prize for BioEnergy in 2000.

Hermann Scheer died at age 66 fully engaged in a life of ideas and initiatives. On April 29, 2014 he would have celebrated his 70th birthday.


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Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan is a staunch solar promoter, serial entrepreneur & management consultant. He has a decade of experience in solar PV, disruptive technologies and political consultancy in USA and India. He believes that development of solar and other renewable technologies is critical to India's energy security. Gayrajan holds a Masters and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from USA. Follow him on Twitter to gain daily industry insights.
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