Listen to “Turn Up The Sun” by Oasis and Let the Love Shine

The sun has always had considerable influence on artists. Besides prose and poetry, this star inspired a number of musicians that later became “stars” themselves. They wrote songs about the sun, using it as a metaphor for topics like love, depression, happiness and freedom.

There are many great references to the sun in rock music. An example is the British band Oasis. You will know Oasis from the successful song “Wonderwall”, a classic hit that often plays on the radio and on television shows. You might not know their song about the sun.

With the voice of singer Liam Gallagher, “Turn Up The Sun” speaks of love, faith and the world we live in. For many fans, the song a classic, much better than other, more popular tunes of the band. In this post, look at the lyrics, trying to grasp the secret meaning of the song.

“Turn Up The Sun”: a Song About Religion?

In the first lines, we find references to madness, thoughts that consume the singer wherever he goes. Besides saying immediately that “I carry madness” we find references to “snow”, a word that easily creates in our heads a grim image of a reality where there is no sun. We can almost feel the cold, right?

oasisWell, we can deduce that this is our world and that the singer shows this image because he is disturbed by something. What could it be? Financial problems? Stress at work? Bad luck in love?

No, it is none of those problems. The problem, in fact, is that people are too absorbed in daily glitches that they seem to have lost the capacity to love one another. Yes, the singer feels that the world we live in has become a cold place, a world where the sun has been turned down.

As the rock chords become deeper and more rhythmic, we get the feeling that Liam Gallagher sees himself as some kind of prophet, wanting to pass a message for those who are listening. In the chorus, he makes an appeal: “Turn Up The Sun”. Immediately after, he recites an “11th commandment”: “Love one another”, like Jesus told in the Bible.

The lack of faith is also highlighted in the verses “the boys in the bubble, they wanna be free / And they got so blind that they cannot see.” People no longer believe in higher powers?

While regretting this situation and recognizing that it is a problem to be solved, the singer does not know how to handle it. The lines “I got a piano / but I cannot find the C” seems to indicate just that: he knows that within himself he has the potential for love, but at the same time he doesn’t know where to start.

Who Are the Oasis?

The Oasis was an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. The group was composed of Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs (guitar), Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan (bass guitar), and Tony McCarroll (drums, percussion). Later on Noel Gallagher, Liam’s older brother, joined in 1995 assuming control of the lead guitar and adding also his vocals.

After many years of success with the albums “Definitely Maybe” (1994), “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” (1995) and “Be Here Now” (1997), the Oasis started to fall apart in the early 2000s. The following albums, “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” (2000), “Heathen Chemistry” (2002) and “Don’t Believe the Truth” (2005) retained the attention of fans. In fact, launched on May 30, 2005, Oasis’s penultimate album has proved that, over ten years after its formation, the band continued to reach the hearts of their fans.

However, everything started to collapse in the final record “Dig Out Your Soul” (2008). And on the 28th of August of 2009 the band gave public signs of crisis. Allegedly, there was tension between the Gallaghers brothers resulting in Liam breaking Noel’s guitar. In that same day, Noel quitted Oasis. Finally, in February 2010, the band announced that it was breaking up.

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