How Solar Panels Work

A solar panel is really a bunch of ‘solar cells’ connected together by wires. These cells are encapsulated in an aluminum frame and guarded at the back side with a back sheet. Glass covers the top. This makes a solar panel. So the question really is, how do solar cells work? Solar cells are made of semiconductors, the same stuff electronic chips in your laptop and cell phones are made up of.

However, these semiconductors have the property to absorb light and convert it into electricity, something called the photovoltaic effect (hence the name photovoltaics for this technology).

But how does this exactly happen? As we know, everything is made up of atoms. An atom is made up of particles called ‘electrons’ orbiting a central ‘nucleus’, much like the planets orbiting the sun. If enough energy is given to these electrons, they can escape the atom altogether and become free. This is exactly what happens in a solar cell.

Sunlight carries enough energy to eject and free up electrons from the many atoms that make up the semiconductor solar cell. Once free, these electrons can move about freely and electric current is nothing but moving electrons! Voila, we have electricity!

Where You Can Find Good Solar Panels?

Two good examples of Solar Panels are GD 3 W SOLAR PANEL WITH FREE 5 PIN WIRELESS MOBILE CHARGER and also SURYA KIRAN SOLAR PANELS SOLAR PANELS. But for your easy access we have listed some of the bestselling solar panels in:





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Gayrajan Kohli
Gayrajan Kohli
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