Tata Solar Diva™ 4L: an Economical Lighting Solution for Almost Everyone

And God said ‘Let there be light’, he willed it and we had light from the sun. Today the world has evolved to a point where all we need is to wish and we have ‘genies’ (read: companies) to fulfill our wishes.

No, this article is not about myths, instead we are exploring practical solutions available to light our homes, irrespective of the location: whether it is a remote village or a power starved metro.

Choose the Clean and Green Option

So if you are looking to replace the conventional lamps which have been lighting up your village or looking for an eco-friendly option during power cuts, the Tata Solar DivaTM 4L could be your solution.

The Tata Solar Diva™ 4L is powered by solar energy. It consists of light-emitting diodes (LED), a photovoltaic solar panel and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. On a sunny day, the battery takes up to 8 hours to charge completely and can power the device for up to 8 hours.

It has adjustable brightness settings: dim, medium and bright. With this you can choose the appropriate brightness required and use the device for a longer time by saving battery. Like most new generation lanterns, it also has a micro USB port for AC charging. This LED-based solar ring lantern comes with a 1 year warranty. The product has survived our very own, in-house drop test.

Tata-Solar Diva™-4LTata Solar Diva™ 4L: Easy to Carry

The Tata Solar Diva™ 4L is a portable lighting solution, i.e. it does not require any external electrical wiring to function and can be carried anywhere. It is light in weight and has multiple mounting options. The design is not unusual. A ring allows you to carry it around, place it on the table or mount it on the wall providing multi-functionality.

So be it your shop or your home, now you can have access to bright and un-flickering light when it is dark, if you decide to make the most of the country’s abundant sunshine. And it’s much better than a Kerosene lamp, which is expensive, inefficient, potentially dangerous and a source of greenhouse gases.


Doesn’t Burn a Hole in your Pocket

Priced at Rs. 795, the Tata Solar Diva™ 4L is quite affordable. You should be able to recoup the costs in terms of the energy savings in a few months. So, it really doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The Tata Solar Diva™ 4L could also be a fun gift for your kids, friends, and even corporate clients.

Technical information:

  • Light Source: 0.5 W LED
  • Power Source: 0.7 Wp Solar PV panel
  • Energy storage: 3.7 V / 630 mAh Battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Observed charging time: 8 hours
  • Operation time: 8 hours

Tip: The solar collector will absorb the most and will perform the best when exposed to direct sunlight.

INDIA GOES SOLAR rating: 4/5

Thumbs up for: Quality of the components used in the device, stability of light source

Scope of improvement: Brightness of LED light


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Meenakshi Sarkar
Meenakshi Sarkar
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