4 Business Opportunities In the Solar Boom

Today our question is: what do you think when you hear about solar? Perhaps a bunch of environmentalists with extreme ideas or may be advanced engineers with highly expensive technologies. Maybe even both.

Solar’s success results from joining of collaborative forces of scientists, environmentalists, governments, energy companies and entrepreneurs. Their main goal has been to keep developing solar technologies in order to make them even more efficient, while creating the necessary conditions to encourage solar installations.

In fact, when we speak about the development of the solar we speak not only about the increasing number of system installations, but also of all the activities that the sector boosts, either directly or indirectly: from manufacturing to distribution and even to communication and education.

We believe that solar market has indeed the potential to become the driving force behind the sustainable growth, supporting a new economic model where humans can continue their development and generate wealth without compromising the planet’s natural balance.

In this article, we aim to undo your skepticism and present you the ground reality of solar energy: a constantly growing market that can simultaneously be profitable and environmentally friendly.

Read now and find 4 business opportunities that will, for sure, make a difference in the near future.

Business opportunities #1: Educating and selling Solar

Installation is the most obvious part of the job, and probably the easiest one. But what comes before? Persuasion. In order to be successful in the solar industry, companies need to invest in education campaigns and marketing strategies.

The challenge is not easy: first, they have to undo the misconceptions about solar energy and, after proving that solar is indeed a great solution, they have to show that their company is the one that offers the best service.

Business opportunities #2: Solar Training

With the expansion of the solar market and frequent technological advances, installers are recognizing the necessity keeping abreast and updating their own knowledge. This is a big opportunity for solar training or even traditional educational institutes that can expand their course offerings in order to meet the needs of the renewable and solar markets.

Please note that when we speak about solar training and education, we do not refer only to the technical aspects of system installation, but also the other aspects of that have a major impact on our society, from economy to politics and sociology.

Business opportunities #3: Financing Solar Energy

Money is a necessity for any project. The expansion of residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial solar market segments is a huge opportunity for banks and insurance companies. By borrowing money or creating specific plans for solar financing, banks can meet specific needs while simultaneously associating themselves to environmental causes and renewing their brand image.

On the other hand, insurance companies can create their own specific programs to solve any problems related to solar devices, for instance.

Business opportunities #4: Solar Accessories

The solar industry is constantly expanding. The latest growing solar segment is of solar products/gadgets (see our Solar Products listing). These gadgets or products are seeing a steady increase in demand from end consumers and corporations for their daily use.

There are numerous products and are just as diverse as your imagination: everyday someone takes a traditional device and reinvents it using solar mechanisms. Solar mobile chargers, solar water heaters and solar powered data backup systems are some of the most common and popular ones. There are many more which you can see in our Solar Products section.

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