What Kind of Solar Jobs Are There in the Solar Industry?

How to get a job in the solar industry? The industry as a whole is growing fast and will play a key role in our global, future energy supply. So working in solar can be a good strategic career choice.

Solar offers a wide range of attractive jobs requiring different skill sets, ranging from the technical (such as engineering, manufacturing, designing, installation/construction, and operations & maintenance) to the commercial (such as sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain management, strategy, consulting, operations, finance, accounting, project management, etc.).

Solar also has a great demand on the scientific side. Governments, research institutes and universities across the world are investing a lot of money into advancing existing technologies, into discovering new technologies and into learning how a new energy infrastructure could work. To get a job in the industry one should, ideally, take a short course on what solar is and how it works, and apply to one of the many solar companies working in the sector.

To get into the research side, an advanced university degree in a science field such as chemistry or physics, with a focus on photovoltaics, nanotechnology, etc. is a good start.

Where to Search for Solar Jobs?

If you are entering the solar market, the first thing to do would be to identify what area of solar business you want to dig into. It ranges from manufacturing, installation, maintenance or sales and support services.

But where to start? You can wisen up on the net, through websites such as National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, BNEF Future of Energy Summit or Bridge To India.

Ideally, you find some friends, or friends of friends or just social media contacts from the industry to get a “real world” take on what they do. If you like a particular company and think you are a fit, just see their career pages or contact them.

You can look into websites like Solar Jobs, to search for your opportunity. Solarjobs.com is the leading online recruitment company dedicated to the Solar Industry. Created in 2007, the website matches qualified candidates with relevant career opportunities. Solarjobs.com operates internationally and has jobs / candidates all over the world.

Candidates can register for free and not only search and apply for jobs, but also be found by employers searching the database. The website also offers resume writing advice and career guidance.

List of Solar Jobs

Here is a list of the wide variety of job types covered by Solar Jobs:

  • Solar analytical engineer jobs
  • Solar application engineer jobs
  • Solar consultancy jobs
  • Solar design engineer jobs
  • Solar development engineer jobs
  • Solar electrical engineer jobs
  • Solar energy jobs
  • Solar engineer jobs
  • Solar equipment engineer jobs
  • Solar heating jobs
  • Solar installer jobs
  • Solar maintenance engineer jobs
  • Solar manufacturing jobs
  • Solar marketing jobs
  • Solar mechanical engineer jobs
  • Solar panel installer jobs
  • Solar process engineer jobs
  • Solar production engineer jobs
  • Solar project management jobs
  • Solar quality assurance jobs
  • Solar research and development jobs
  • Solar sales jobs
  • Solar sales engineer jobs
  • Solar service engineer jobs
  • Solar system engineer jobs
  • Solar thermal jobs
  • Solar turbine jobs

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